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Gay Blackjack Takes Over San Francisco

Apr 20, 2012

nakedkingapr20 Gay Blackjack Takes Over San Francisco
Gay gambling

Are the blackjacks about to be ripped off their clothes?

Some traditional and online blackjack players started to worry that the game, a religion for many, is being insulted under the latest liberal political views of the infidels.

Many say, political correctness doesn’t belong in the game and may even violate blackjack rules, the sacred laws of the game.

What if you enter the Black Jack Tournament only to notice that the kings and jacks have no clothes and their penises are exposed? Truly shocking. But gay right activists claim that if cards can contain naked women on the back, why not naked men?

One gay social blackjack pub owner in San Francisco, known as Sweet Peach Boy, just introduced as is rumored, the so-called The Naked Blackjack Pumping Tournaments. The cards actually have naked figures of male cards. In addition, the Naked King acts as an Ace, and Ace has the value of the King card.

Moreover, the Queen card now is a Drag Queen. The homosexuals and transvestites find it quite entertaining. Many say thanks to that they feel less discriminated by the social norms the society chains them with.

As the rumors say, the San Francisco gay pub owner is seeking to expand into Key West, Florida, and East Village in New York City. Some gay rights activists seek to go further and offer online gay bingo. However, the details haven’t been exposed yet.

What if a straight player enters the gay blackjack tournament? As the spokesperson for the gay blackjack allegedly stated, they can do so, but need to respect the gay ways. Otherwise, the new blackjack cards will not smile at them.