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New Patent Wars Developments Shock American iPhone Casinos

Apr 28, 2012

motoagainstappleapr12 New Patent Wars Developments Shock American iPhone Casinos
Motorola vs Apple

Motorola is celebrating a small victory in the patent wars against Apple with an ITC judge siding with Moto.

The Cupertino company suffered another blow in the never-ending story of patent infringements. An ITC judge found Apple to be violating one of Motorola Mobility patents. Android casinos regulars loyal to Moto smartphones cheer in celebration.

Naturally, only one battle has been won, not the war itself. This preliminary success against Apple follows a similar one against Microsoft over the Xbox patents. However, both wins still have to be reviewed and approved by a 6-member commission, before any result comes into effect.

Motorola’s case against Apple is focusing on four patents, but the current ITC judge ruling only speaks about one of them: 3G signal noise reduction patent. This particular technology helps fans of mobile casinos enjoy a constant signal without fears of losing it and therefore forfeiting a winning blackjack combination.

Apple is confident no harm will befall the company after the fresh ruling. A company spokesman is rumored to have said: “A court in Germany has already ruled that Apple did not infringe on this patent, so we believe we will have a very strong case on appeal”.

The special commission is set to reveal its decision no earlier than August 23, and in case they side with Motorola, Apple gadgets could be blocked from coming to the USA. That could prove a major blow to both the Cupertino company and thousands of iPhone casinos regulars.

On the other side of the coin both Apple and Microsoft have already filed several complaints against Motorola in Europe. Moto is accused on utilizing some essential patents, which it is not supposed to use.