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Obituary of a Master Poker Player

May 2, 2012

amarilloslimmay2 Obituary of a Master Poker Player
Slim at poker

Amarillo Slim, the poker champion, dies at the age of 83.

Many have thought he would have been killed after first being a billiard (pool) hustler, seeking to make some cash by winning the game, and later as an illegal sports bookmaker. After feeling the heat in these areas, Slim decided to move into poker gambling.

As casino gambling news have found out, the man is dead from colon cancer at the old age of 83 after a poker career which spanned over five decades.

During this time, Slim became a card counting system guru who went on to win major cash at poker tournaments. In fact, he has won the World Series of Poker five times, becoming the face of poker in America.

The man’s life history is more colorful than that. He once bet a Wimbledon Champion he can win against him, but the choice of rackets is up to Slim. At the match, the tennis champ lost as they game took place with two empty Coke bottles as rackets. When in the army, Slim even made a little fortune by selling Mickey Mouse watches to the Russian soldiers.

According to this poker champ, card counting wasn’t enough. To pursue a winning casino strategy, the close observation of opponent eyes, and ignoring the words, is crucial.

In his 70s, Slim suffered a major accusation after allegedly sexually touching his own underage granddaughter. To avoid jail, a guilty plea was made in return for a misdemeanor charge.

Many blackjack and poker experts today doubt Slim’s strategies would work nowadays, they claim, the players applying scientific methods to the games are more likely to win.

In any case Slim remains one of the most recognized poker faces in USA and worldwide. Rest in peace, poker champ!

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