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Online Gambling Sites Face Extortion

May 14, 2012

scumartistsmay14 Online Gambling Sites Face Extortion
Internet crime

All kinds of troublemakers, criminals, and parasitic elements have been troubling the Internet businesses since the beginning. Now, the parasites take on online casinos.

As reported by online gambling news, the Internet criminals are seeking new victims and have been taking on the number of online gambling sites.

Although the security at quality online and mobile casinos is high, the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have resulted in heavy traffic at selected online casinos, slowing down response times. In exchange for stopping DDoS, the extortionists are demanding payments, which ask for $50,000.

As many security insiders know, paying money to blackmailists will only have them keep on coming for more.

As Prolexic Technologies disclosed, the trend in these types of illegal activities is growing. Prolexic happens to be a firm specializing is protection against DDoS. As CEO of Prolexic, Neal Quinn, stated:

“The online gambling industry should be on high alert. This appears to be a coordinated global threat.”

Such attacks can make the players experience a halt when playing remote casino games such as mobile slots or roulette. When a wheel of roulette freezes the outcome of as bet is not known for a while, although good casino software will bring the wager to an end.

Whatever happens, the extortionists must never be rewarded. It’s like negotiating with the terrorists.

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