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Ways to Get Ripped off When Attending Euro Football Championships

May 15, 2012

euro2012intromay12 Ways to Get Ripped off When Attending Euro Football Championships
EURO2012 Betting

The football fans and punters need to be very, very careful when attending the events in Ukraine.

What is amazing is that the two hosts of the upcoming Euro 2012 Football Championships, Poland and Ukraine, are quite different countries. Poland is part of the European Union, while Ukraine is not, and not likely to be. Moreover, the distance between the west of Poland and the east of Ukraine is quite large, unlike that of Switzerland and Austria, the hosts of the previous tournament.

That is not the biggest problem, though, as the sports betting news portray. The problem is that in Ukraine the international mobile charges can be quite large. Polish mobile operators, on the other hand, are required by the European Union to keep international roaming charges low.

When, for example, a British spectator arrives in Ukraine, making or receiving mobile calls there can costs as much as $50 a day, if not more. Data access in Ukraine is quite expensive as well, making sports betting via smartphones prohibitively expensive.

Indeed, the mobile charges can account for as much as $300 a day if the users don’t connect to local Wi-Fi. This certainly affects Android and iPhone mobile gambling from within the state borders. That doesn’t worry too many Ukrainians anyway as such bets over these devices aren’t legal for them, and haven’t entered the mainstream yet.

Anyway, in addition to Ukraine and England, Group D consists of France and Sweden, and the same charges apply to the punters coming from these lands. Meanwhile, the teams in Group B – the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Portugal – also play in Ukraine. The final will take place in Kiev as well. So if your team plays in Ukraine and does well, and you happened to have the tickets, be careful when using your mobile there.

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