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Asian Casinos Attract World’s Top Cheaters

May 28, 2012

macaucheatersmay28 Asian Casinos Attract World’s Top Cheaters
Cheating in Macau

The best of the breed, the world’s top casino table games tricksters, increasingly become attracted to Asian Casinos.

Nowadays, casinos in Macau, or other top destinations in the Asia-Pacific region, are as fabulous as those in Las Vegas, except that Macau alone generates five times more gambling revenue than once-leading Vegas. And the differences are growing.

This, unfortunately for casinos, has led to an influx of master card counting gangs looking to beat casino dealers at games such as poker or blackjack.

Even baccarat, a game of high rollers, where card counting is nearly impossible, is becoming a target. But, not a target of genius mathematicians, or the likes of Albert Einstein and Garry Kasparov. The high roller baccarat rooms in Macau are now a target of cheats operating as part of highly specialized and professional casino gangs.

According to the latest Asia-Pacific baccarat news, a casino cheating syndicate’s member sat at a baccarat table with a camera hidden in the sleeve and filmed the sequence of baccarat cards dealt, while automatically transferring the footage to a remote analyst. After analyzing and breaking the cards, the information was transferred to another trickster who then came to the table and made winning bets.

The land-based casinos are utilizing the best surveillance technologies to avoid being ripped off, however, often this is not possible. The tricks are getting so advanced that Vegas best card cheaters are way behind the Asians and are catching up months, even years, later.

New methods are so unknown that usual card tricks are now an amateur’s play. No more of loaded nice or gold rings which reflect the cards. These will not likely pass. In today’s gambling world, the technology is the king. The race among cheaters and casinos continues on the technological front. The stakes are high.

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