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Illegal Horse Racing in Arizona

Jun 12, 2012

betsonhorsesjune121 Illegal Horse Racing in Arizona
Horse betting

One would think that running an illegal underground betting, or a dog or cockfighting ring, isn’t that hard to do as these activities take a small amount of space and are hard to detect.

But, who would think of an illegal horse racing track? As the sports betting news report, an Arizona entrepreneur has ran an illegal horse racing track at his ranch, halfway between Phoenix and Tucson.

While races took place, bets on horses were taken just as it happens at legal tracks. While horse racing is America, unlike other sports betting, is legal, only the best stables and jockeys make it into racing-for-money competitions.

This leaves many frustrated cowboys, some of whom always dreamt of becoming a jockey after failing to wrangle the bulls. These machos in need of proving themselves become horse racing competitors.

After neighbors complained about illegal horse racing, the racetrack got closed. Fortunately, the horses were found in good shape. Nevertheless, the owner and some others are facing criminal charges of running a criminal enterprise and benefiting from illicit gambling.

Sports betting involving animals is quite popular worldwide, take horse racing or dog fights. There is even pigeon racing where bets be placed. In some ways, betting on pigeons is similar to Formula One racing as punters can bet on who will win or bet on who will even get to finish the race as F1 drivers may crash, while some pigeons don’t ever return.

This brings us to another issue where racer-wanna-bees compete in illegal street racing, while endangering others. That is way worse than illegal horse racing and should be hunted down and punished.

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