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Low Probability Betting and Its Payouts

Jun 13, 2012

getrichjune131 Low Probability Betting and Its Payouts
Rags to riches?

What if you’re able to accept losing few thousands dollars in order to take chances to become a millionaire?

As sports betting news indicate, there are many such options. However, we don’t advise you pursue these as we just describe potential venues.

One way is to place a roulette bet on a single number for odds of around 1 to 35. If you place $3,000 and win, the payout will exceed a million dollars (or euros, whatever currency you play with).

The other way is to play one of the online or mobile slots where jackpots exceed a million. Placing large bets on many paylines will possibly make your deposit quickly disappear, but you could score something bigger. All it takes is a single lucky spin.

Another way is to place bets on sports. For example, placing a $2,000 wager on a Formula One driver Pedro de la Rosa winning the next European Grand Prix comes with 5000/1 odds, which would effectively turn a $2,000 wager into million dollars if he really won there.

There are also all kinds of tournaments, including poker competitions, some with large stakes, but winning at these is more of a skill than luck.

Gamblers and sports punters, of course, can try more reasonable bets such as placing a bet on Jenson Button winning the next race where the odds are 14-1. Predicting football (soccer) match scores is another venue.

For example, making a bet on Euro 2012 game between Spain and Ireland. If you bet on Spain winning 3-2, the current odds (subject to changes and differing among bookmakers) are 45/1. Thus, betting $20 can return $900.

Options are nearly limitless as there are many ways to bet and many games and sports available to place the wagers on.

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