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Illegal Baccarat Operators Drug Gamblers into Oblivion

Jul 1, 2012

baccaratdealjuly13 Illegal Baccarat Operators Drug Gamblers into Oblivion
Real deal or not?

As the ancient game of baccarat reignites gamblers’ passions, more and more players take a seat at the baccarat table.

An understanding of the game may not be enough as there are hyenas seeking naive players. According to baccarat gambling report, many high-rollers with some very real money like to play baccarat at casino VIP rooms. The catch is that some of these are run by criminal syndicates and the gamblers are simply skinned of their cash without chances of winning anything.

As one may think that Macau is all fabulous and legit, there are, unfortunately, many scams that occur there frequently. As reported by the local sources, the Macau police arrested several gambling gang members who invited wealthy mainland bettors to fake VIP baccarat rooms. What is shocking is that one of the rooms was based in a luxury hotel with its corporate suite converted into an underground casino operation.

In order to further trick smart and cash rich businessmen from China, the scam artists furnished the room with baccarat tables and chips, while fake dealers attended and gang members pretended to be players.
Additionally, the guests were given free drinks containing drugs and sleeping pills. Effectively, the spaced out baccarat gurus-in-the-making lost millions of dollars in the hotel room. Furthermore, the intimidating gangsters prevented any barely sober visitors from leaving the baccarat gaming room prematurely.

As false reshuffling of baccarat cards took place, the victims didn’t dare to speak a word. After the game, the equipment was quickly packed and the room abandoned with thugs holding suitcases filled with cash.

Since Macau is seeking to protect its image as a high class gambling destination, and the exploited players happened to be well-connected people, the procedure didn’t last for long. The police quickly uncovered one of the fake baccarat VIP rooms, while seizing over $12 million in chips together with baccarat tables and several gang members.

An investigation continues to determine how many baccarat players were victimized by the illicit operation.

For those seeking less drama, there are mobile baccarat games which interested players can pursue. Enjoy!

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