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Low Limit 3:2 Blackjack Becoming Sparse in Las Vegas

Nov 30, 2010

blackjackpayoutslasvegaspartypitsonline30nov Low Limit 3:2 Blackjack Becoming Sparse in Las Vegas
Blackjack pays 6:5

Fans of blackjack card games who don’t have big bankrolls are having a difficult time finding good tables in Las Vegas casinos.

The trend of offering 6:5 blackjack tables started a few years ago when some casinos began to install “party pits” near their blackjack tables. Casinos reduced the payout for blackjack in order to pay the dancers, and players didn’t care because they were distracted by the women. But now, it’s not just exotic dancers to blame for lower blackjack payouts in Vegas.

The recent recession drove casinos to lower the payouts for blackjack at all low limit tables, reducing payouts from the usual 3:2 down to a slightly smaller 6:5. Even though the economy is slowly starting to spring back, these games seem to be sticking around.

Lower paying tables are obviously good for the casino, since they save $1.50 on a $5 blackjack payout, but for players, this casino strategy is not very appealing. To find a proper 3:2 paying games, gamblers have to go to the high end tables, and bet $50 or even $100 on a hand to get decent payoffs.

This lack of good paying low limit tables is driving many Las Vegas blackjack players to the internet, because low limit tables are easy to find at online blackjack casinos.

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  • Wuggydarling

    If the casino is going to lower my percentage for winning, showing me some tits is the least they can do. :-/

  • Anonymous

    Oh Vegas, whatever are we going to do with you?