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Blackjack Loving Executive Departs Mohegan Sun Casino

Apr 5, 2011

Connecticut casino exec resigns
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Over the course of the past few months there has been an exodus of casino executives from Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

Connecticut casinos, located on sovereign tribal lands within the state, have suffered from an exodus of top management for the last few years.

During the past week, yet another high-level executive resigned from his position. This time it was Mohegan Sun’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Anthony Patrone, known for his experience in casino management and an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the casino business, from blackjack strategy to payout odds on all the slots within the casino.

Mohegan Sun made no official comment on the departure, stating that the company’s policy and confidentiality agreements prevent them from making a comment. Mr. Patrone oversaw the casino’s marketing efforts including player development, promotions, direct marketing, Asian marketing, VIP services and special events.

He is considered an expert in all forms of gambling with an in-depth knowledge of each casino game. His expertise with blackjack card games as well as a quick eye led to a reduction of fraudsters and hustlers within Mohegan’s Sun. He often enjoyed looking over casino security tapes during breaks and overall was known as a ‘hands-on’ executive.

Patrone has over twenty years of experience in casino and hotel management under his belt. He was previously employed by Aztar Corp., Caesars Entertainment and Resorts in Atlantic City.

Industry experts predict more departures of Mohegan Sun’s top management within the next few months. Mr. Patrone’s departure is considered especially significant since the economic crisis and competitive pressures have contributed to a decrease in gaming revenues over the last few years.

Foxwoods casino and Mohegan Sun enjoy a kind of duopoly in the state of Connecticut; however, competition is closing in with Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island just around the corner.

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