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Florida Mom Robs In-laws And Wins $13M Only To Lose It All

Apr 8, 2011

Woman steals from in-laws and gambles
Slots thief

Winning at slots or blackjack can bring lots of joy and excitement, however losing could turn players into criminals.

A 42 year old Florida resident, Jennifer Dennison, is accused by her in-laws of stealing over $500,000 from them. She is accused of gambling away every stolen penny playing mostly slots and blackjack card games at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa.

Following a careful investigation, her in-laws were in shock after learning that Jennifer won over $13 million through consistently using near perfect blackjack strategy and incredible luck at high value slot machines. However, in the two years following her amazing win she wound up losing almost $14 million at the same casino, bringing her net loss to $700,000.

Her relatives found out about the theft only recently after one of their checks bounced. Dennison’s mother in law, Janet, aged 73, is suffering from early stages of dementia. Her husband Laverne, 88, said – “She stripped us clean, I didn’t think things like this happened.”

Jennifer’s husband Scott, has power of attorney for his elderly parents, yet it was Jennifer who was responsible for taking care of the family’s finances. She was taken into custody and charged with grand larceny.

Hernando County Sheriff’s investigators stated that Dennison managed to forge her father-in-law’s name and signature on the checks and completely wiped clean six retirement accounts. She also succeeded in cashing in her in-law’s life-insurance policy worth close to $40,000.

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