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Mobile Entertainment and Gambling Market to Grow Despite Bad Economy

Apr 11, 2011

Mobile gambling to grow despite bad economy
Mobile gambling

Latest technological developments fuel rapid increase in revenues from mobile gambling and mobile entertainment.

A recent report by Juniper Research claims mobile entertainment content and mobile casino gambling revenue is expected to grow by more than fifteen percent in 2011 from $33.2 billion to $38.4 billion. The impressive growth comes in a time of global economic uncertainty, demonstrating the resilience of the mobile content industry as a whole and the many untapped opportunities of mobile gambling sector.

The research indicated that both small and large content systems including mobile casino software companies benefited from the app-store-led content delivery methods. The app store delivery method allows software developers to quickly react if a flaw is detected by the end-user and release the appropriate patch almost instantaneously.

Additionally, various large digital content publishers and service providers were able to profit from increased consumer awareness and a higher level of comfort navigating mobile content and apps. In the mobile casino games sector there has been a dramatic increase in both smartphone apps and browser-based application. The mobile gambling industry was given an extra boost with the liberalization of some of EU members state’s remote gambling laws.

Dr. Windsor Holden, responsible for conducting this research, states – “While revenues from traditional staples of the mobile entertainment sector – such as ringtones and logos – have gone into steep decline over the past couple of years, the tremendous scaling up of activity in mobile games, streamed music and social media has driven strong overall growth.”

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