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Finding a Top Mobile Casino – Avoid Thieves, Fraud, Rogues and Cheats

Apr 18, 2011

mobile casino fraud
Mobile casino crooks

In today’s vast ocean of online and mobile casinos, a good map is essential to avoid rough waters where pirates and thieves could rob you blind.

The online gambling industry today is not as bad as a decade ago when fraudulent online casinos seem to be everywhere and a lack of trusted review sites, gaming platforms and information prevented meaningful research from being conducted.

Today, the mobile casino gambling enthusiasts have a much easier time finding out reliable information about different mobile casino platforms from a wide variety of reputable sources which have already made a name for themselves in the online gambling world.

Dozens of reputable mobile casinos are at players’ disposal, providing opportunities to gamble at the player’s convenience, whenever and wherever they want. Nevertheless, as in any other business, there are always hustlers, con-artists, thieves and criminals operating on the fringes of the online and mobile casino industry who are always ready to separate a victim from their hard earned money.

Reputable mobile casinos provide members with a wide range of games and services while utilize the latest mobile casino software from well known developers. This group of respected, well known and trusted mobile casinos naturally compose the vast majority of the mobile market.

In order to identify and to differentiate the good guys from the crooks, it’s crucial to invest time to investigate and research each promotional offer and mobile casino prior to making a deposit. There are basic guidelines to follow when it comes to weeding out fraudulent online and mobile casinos.

The first, and the most important rule is to never jump on the first casino you find. Whether you see something interesting on a random Google search, or an advertising banner you spot while cruising the net, bookmark it, and research it first. Get an idea how big the sign up bonuses are at a half dozen different mobile casinos, to get an idea what the norm is.

If you see something that is too good to be true, it probably is. So if you see a 500% bonus of up to $10,000 for mobile blackjack while 20 other mobile casinos never go over a $500 bonus, perhaps it’s not a casino you should risk playing.

Always Google the mobile casino you are interested in, to see if there are any complaints, if its blacklisted, or if there have been any problems in the past. Just remember that one bad review isn’t significant since it could be planted by the competitors. Visit the site, examine where its licensed, what type of mobile casino software is being used, and if they have a telephone help line in case of a problem. has a large selection of pre-screened, reputable mobile casino reviews for you to browse and select the mobile casino for your operating system that best suits your needs.

It is quite useful to also visit the online or mobile casino forum to see what the players are saying and if there are persistent complaints about issues which take a long time for the casino support staff to answer. It’s also recommended for players to chose a licensed casino operated by a reputable online or mobile provider such as Playtech, Spin3, IGT and a few others. Selecting a mobile casino is an important decision and should never be made impulsively.

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