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Bodog offers Casino School for beginner blackjack players

Jul 31, 2009

Blackjack is typically considered to be the kind of game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. While this is true on some levels, players who have never encountered blackjack before can be intimidated by the game. The basic premise – get closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust – is just a small part of the game.

While there are a lot of resources online that can help new blackjack players get started, the Casino School at Bodog Casino is one of the better resources on the net, especially for players who are considering joining Bodog Casino. The Casino School covers all types of games, but most importantly, it has detailed information about every blackjack game that the casino offers.

Along with instructions on how to play the game, Bodog Casino School provides a glossary of blackjack terms, a section on Basic Blackjack Strategy, and some extended Blackjack Strategy Tips.

Bodog also offers their basic single deck blackjack game online, and it is free for anyone to play, even for people who are not yet members of Bodog Casino. Not only does this free online blackjack game let players learn and practice their skills, but it also introduces players to what Bodog Casino’s games are like.

Bodog Casino offers seven blackjack variations: Classic blackjack, European, Face-Up 21, Match-Play 21, Perfect Pairs, Pontoon, and Super 21 Blackjack. Each game has slightly different rules, and each offers its own unique gaming experience.

New members of Bodog Casino can claim a 10% first deposit bonus without an upper limit, letting players get a huge head start when they sign up. Bodog Casino also offers generous friend referral bonuses, and their Cash Comps point further rewards players. Sign up with Bodog today and browse through their Casino School. Even if you are an experienced player, it’s still worth checking out. Who knows, you might learn something new!

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