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Android Mobile Casino Programmers Paid Highest Salary on a Good Friday

Apr 21, 2011

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This Good Friday, thousand of Android high silked programmers are in demand with more than 4 opening for every one contender.

New mobile casino games are being released at an excruciating slow rate; dripping out slower than ever before, while the mobile casino industry is expanding at astronomical rates.

There’s a good simple reason behind this phenomenon. There are no more Android casino developers left with enough experience to create an original mobile casino game.

An expert Android programmer can easily charge $150/hour for developing mobile casino gamesand receive 20 daily emails from recruiters begging to represent them. Every company under the sun wants a mobile app and most Android programmers have their own idea of making a million dollar killer app.

The few courses available that teach Android programming don’t have competent instructors, since all the real talent has been already snapped up or is creating products for themselves.

The demand for Android and iPhone developers over the past twelve months pushed salaries for full time positions from the ceiling of $90,000 to $150,000. The number of job opening for Android developers increased by 400% within a year and 300% for iPhone.

This Good Friday, there will be 2032 openings for Android developers but only 400 applicants. This is the reason why mobile casino software is coming out so slow and there isn’t much anyone can do. The industry is praying that the Indians, Russians and Chinese can master the Android mobile development skills quick enough to fill the gap and provide the much needed relief for Android mobile players desperately in need of some new games.

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