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US Mobile OS Triumvirate Angers Europe: Android, Apple and Windows 7

Apr 27, 2011

European mobile operating systems
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Increasing popularity of mobile casino sector attributes to an EU wide search for a mobile OS alternative to Android and Apple.

During the past year, the Android operating system and Android mobile gambling sector have skyrocketed in both popularity and the growth rate. EU opponents had high hopes for the success of Nokia’s Symbian OS.

The Microsoft/Nokia five year deal to implement Windows Mobile 7 OS in all Nokia smartphones and the deprecation of Symbian demoralized even the most optimistic Eurocentric technophile. The age of the U.S. controlled mobile OS triumvirate has begun.

More and more companies in Europe are working on alternative smartphone operating systems while the triumvirate is not well entrenched. EU’s primary goal is to avoid being completely locked out of the mobile OS market as they were and still are in the desktop/laptop OS market.

EU also believes that increased competition from multiple areas of the world will benefit both manufacturers, developers and consumers with better prices, services and faster updates.

At the moment, Europe has three operating systems that can compete with Android, iOS, and MS mobile 7: Symbian, WebinOS and Mosquito. Contrary to popular belief, Nokia won’t completely abandon Symbian, and will continue to use it all non-smart phone lower level devices.

Mobile industry analysts forecast that Symbian will remain on the lower spectrum of Nokia’s mobile offering, which will introduce a completely new market segment in wireless and mobile communication sector.

Another important sub-sector of the ever-growing mobile industry is mobile games. Today, mobile casinos require mid to high priced mobile phones in order to display the mobile casino games as they were intended to be seen. Gambling enthusiasts with limited budgets are regularly excluded from participating due to lack of a mobile phone that meets the minimal requirements of the online casino.

The introduction of new European no-frills low-end operating system will definitely open up the mobile casino market to a completely new segment of untapped players. Mobile casino operators are joining forces with software developers to optimize and simplify the mobile casino software to make it even more universally accessible.

If the mobile casino sector continues growing at the current rate, consumers can shortly expect more technological progress in both mobile operating systems as well as mobile gambling.

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