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HTC Incredible-S Smartphone Reviewed-Best For Mobile Casino Games

May 8, 2011

how much is htc incredible s
HTC Incredible S

The HTC Incredible S smartphone has some of the best graphics, speed and functionality that will supercharge any Android mobile casino game!

The HTC Incredible S is a fine piece of craftsmanship at 11mm thickness turbocharged by a 1 GHz Scorpion processor.

I won’t be corny and call it incredible, yet I definitely do give it two thumbs up. This is not a mobile to use for business, even though it has all the functionality a businessman would ever want.

The HTC Incredible S is built for mobile gaming at its best. From Pac-man to the latest Android casino blackjack game, everything looks fantastic.

I will skip the cool look of the outer shell, but this book you truly can judge by its cover. You will never be embarrassed pulling it out again.

The screen is huge, at 4 inches, with a 400×800 resolution, at 16 million colors. This alone gives a good hint as to the purpose of the phone. I have yet to see an appointment or spreadsheet apps that need to be this hi-resolution.

However, I have seen some pretty elite looking Android slots and roulette games where the look is so realistic you can feel the adrenalin rush that only a true gamer knows.

The screen is S-LCD, which basically means that you can touch and not just look. The gorilla glass is amazing, and whoever invented it should win a Nobel Prize, because unless u start pulling out industrial diamonds, or work around high density crystals, it’ll be impossible to scratch the screen.

There are all kinds of accelerometers and proximity sensors for precision movement. So if your hands start shaking when you are holding the nuts on 4th street, in the middle of Android casino poker, you can be assured you won’t hit the ‘Fold’ button by accident.

The HTC Incredible S is powered by Google Android 2.2 (Froyo) and is upgradable to version 2.3. The smartphone is expandable to 32GB of RAM which is always sweet to hear.

All the other toys like a 1.3 megapixel camera and 14.4 Mbps connection through its own HSDPA are included along with tons of other stuff that looks good on a sales brochure.

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