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Battle Between Online and Live Blackjack Continues

May 16, 2011

Online versus live blackjack
Blackjack battle

Live casinos offer blackjack players lively atmosphere and glittering surroundings, online blackjack is much more convenient.

Blackjack card games come in all shapes and sizes. Apart from many blackjack variations there is a major difference of opinions as to whether traditional casinos are the best place to enjoy the game or if its online casinos are more convenient to blackjack fans. The main object of the game is the same – win as much as possible. Blackjack Champ will highlight the primary differences between online and live blackjack.

Online blackjack is played with smaller stakes

Players can try their luck with stakes as small as $0.01 at online blackjack. The reason is quite simple. Online casinos have the necessary technology to set up small limit tables and it really doesn’t cost them anything to provide tables with many different minimum betting levels. Live casinos on the other hand have a higher overhead including maintenance costs and employee wages. Small stakes games will not cover casino expenses.

Some online casinos offer limits of up to $10,000 to their members, but that’s as high as one can go. With live casinos the sky is the limit, there are stories of billionaires betting tens of millions per hand.

Online blackjack is much more convenient

No one can disagree with this statement unless they live inside a casino. Players don’t need to leave their homes to practice winning at blackjack online. When it comes to live blackjack, players need to actually get to the casino, and i won’t even mention exchanging cash into chips, buying food and staying at a hotel. And let’s not forget the times when there’s no seats open at blackjack tables and players have to stand in line to catch that elusive two card combination.

Blackjack can be played instantly at online casinos. Winnings are transferred into players accounts in a matter of seconds. And online tables are never full.

Live blackjack offers a completely different experience

Players who prefer live blackjack can tell tall tales about celebrities playing alongside them or watching casino security throw a patron out of the casino and so on. The whole atmosphere of a live casino is much more appealing than the one inside players homes. Nowadays online casino offer live-dealer blackjack games to members, which brigs the two mediums closer together. It’s recommended for every blackjack fan to try playing at a live casino at least once in their life.

Online casinos offer various bonuses to blackjack players

Almost every online casino offers its members deposit bonuses, allowing them to wager more than they actually bought. Live casinos offer players various perks including comps, free food and in some cases free accommodation, yet no amount of the free stuff will ever beat online casino bonuses.

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