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Blackjack player sues for a place at the table

Oct 19, 2009

Thomas Donovan is one mad card counter! Having been banned from Grand Victoria Casino a resort in Indiana, Donovan is now making an appeal to the Indiana Court of Appeals. He hopes to one day sit at their blackjack tables again, counting his way to prosperity.

Donovan was banned from the resorts blackjack table in 2006, and has been on their case since. Upon being sued, the casino originally won the case in the Marion County Court. At this point, however, the decision may be reversed on the basis of Donovan’s appeal. He argues that neither the state nor the casino has rules barring card counting. The casino in turn argues that it’s privately owned and can choose not to do business with whomever it may choose.

According to Donovan’s lawyer, he never attempted to hide the fact that he was tracking cards in order to make bets. Donovan’s case was heard in New Albany this week.

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Regardless of the outcome of Mr. Donovan’s court case, he can rest easy knowing that he’s always welcome online.

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