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Blackjack Cheating Team Caught Marking Cards in Delaware Casino

May 26, 2011

a team of blackjack cheats have been caught
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Three men who were parter of a very large professional team of casino cheaters have been caught in Delaware.

Three men were placed under arrest inside the Delaware Park Casino for allegedly cheat at the blackjack card games. The trio worked as a team with one man marking all ten value cards (Ten, Jack, Queen, King).

On top of marking the cards the other two members of the team who were all sitting at the same table were using a card counting system.

While counting cards is not against the law but tremendously disliked by casinos, marking cards is against the law in most jurisdictions which had casinos for a lengthy period of time like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Fortunately for the thieves, Delaware opened its only casino a relatively short time ago, and as of now there is no law against marking cards.

Not willing to let the cheaters get off so easily, the resourceful police officers charged the trio Huan Quan Yu, 59, Jiehui Huang, 49, and Raymond Li, 57, with four misdemeanor charges including altering a table game component, conspiracy, criminal mischief and attempted theft.

The three cheaters got caught after casino security became suspicious of their betting patterns and after monitoring the trio, one of the casino security guards noticed one of the men using a casino chip to mark the cards. Police were notified and arrested the suspects before they could abscond with their winnings.

According to casino gambling news , after a further investigation, including a search of the suspects’ car, police found evidence that the trio were part of a huge network of Asian casino cheaters. Based out of New York and San Francisco, dozens of three person blackjack cheating teams go back and forth between the east and the west coast of the United States while cheating casinos.

Huan Quan Yu immediately posted a $3500 bond for himself but was immediately re-arrested based on hold warrants out of Pennsylvania for cheating casinos there. Pennsylvania was notified and if they are interested in extraditing him they should come and pick him up. The other two cheaters were released on no cash bond and slipped away into the night.

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