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Man arrested for passing fake bills at Ohio blackjack table

Oct 20, 2009

Donald Lee Denny of Waverly, Ohio, has been arrested and charged with the possession of counterfeit money. Denny was caught at Ohio’s Tri-State Racetrack and Casino trying to use fake bills at one of the casino’s blackjack tables.

Last Thursday night, the casino’s security supervisor contacted local police officer Deputy D.A. Cadle with a report that a casino patron was trying to use counterfeit money in the casino. Denny tried to cash in several fake $50 bills.

Denny’s move was recorded on the building’s security cameras, so there was no doubt he had tried to use the bills. There are also witnesses – Denny told other casino patrons that he had counterfeit bills, and that he was told that the casino was the best place to cash them.

When Cadle was shown the suspicious money, it was clear to him that the bills were counterfeit. Not only did they not look right, but a closer inspection revealed that they all had the same serial number. Denny is currently being held, pending trial.

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