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Will Win Phone 7.1 Prove Mangos Better than Apples for Mobile Gamers?

May 27, 2011

Mango vs Apple for mobile casino supremacy
Windows Phone 7.1

The upcoming Apple vs Mango full contact MMA event has been labeled ‘The Battle of The Fruits’ and will go 12 full rounds, so lets get ready to rumble!”

Mango is the name, and mobiles is the game of this latest update of the Windows Phone 7 OS: the WP 7.1. It is no freak accident that Microsoft decided to choose a name of a fruit quite similar (yet sweeter) than their quarter century old nemesis, Apple. It’s a major update to the Microsoft’s mobile OS with improved message handling, more social networking integration, and a speed boost for mobile casino games that didn’t go unnoticed with fans.

Starting this fall, the WP 7.1 update will come preinstalled on all Microsoft OS smartphones and unlike what we became used to coming from Bill Gates, the Mango will come free of charge for all existing Windows Phone 7 users. Apart from the much awaited Nokia devices which will ship with preinstalled WP, manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Acer and ZTE are also planning to “Mangonize” their smartphones.

Among promised changes in the WP 7.1 there’s now an extremely long list of supported languages, making Windows Phone based devices an attractive choice all over the globe. Larger language support will mean that the phrase “You’ve won a jackpot” will now be understood by mobile casino patrons even in the most remote corners of the world.

Windows mobile gambling fans will truly appreciate the multitasking abilities that Mango offers. Multitasking will facilitate the exchange of mobile blackjack strategies via Facebook or other social networks, while simultaneously playing at multiple mobile casinos.

The messaging capabilities received special attention from developers and now Windows Phone 7.1 users will be able to easily switch between Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and SMS within the same conversation. Users will also be able to listen to text messages and dictate them thanks to innovative speech-text-speech technology.

It remains to be seen what Steve Jobs and his team caring for the Apple orchard will come up with for the iPhone 5. Regardless of the competition, Microsoft seems to be doing a great job picking up the pace to have a chance of catching up with the Android and Apple.

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