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Asus Padfone Review Releases Mobile Casino Gaming Horizons

May 30, 2011

Asus Padfone mobile gaming implications
Asus Padfone

The borders between smartphones and tablets are growing thinner and thinner as the latest mobile device from Asus – Padfone clearly indicates.

At Computex expo in Taiwan the world witnessed a new mobile concept from Asus – the Padfone. Basically it allows an Android-based phone to be inserted into a dock, transforming it into a tablet. The Padfone allows for a larger and much wider screen size as well as additional functionality of a tablet.

These amazing features are exactly what mobile casino fans have been calling for. The extra large screen will allow even the most myopic gamer to fully see the vibrant colors and amazing animations of the award winning mobile games offered at state of the art mobile casinos.

Motorola Atrix 4G offers a similar attachment to their mobile but at an exuberant price. If Asus manages to keep the costs under control, the Padfone is promising to be a hit both with technophiles and mobile casino games fanatics.

Once connected, the mobile device will transfer its processing power to the tablet and in turn will recharge while operating off the juice provided by the dock. It remains to be seen how well the two parts will work as a whole but as the saying goes – “two heads are better than one”.

The fist thing very self-respecting mobile gambler does before joining a mobile casino is hours of intense research. The casino’s gaming platform, software, device compatibility, welcome bonus size, comps and promotions are carefully weighted out.

With the help of BlackjackChamp’s Casino Mobile Finder, gamers can finally spend their time playing. This free tool will shave off valuable hours off research time by perfectly matching any mobile operating system with mobile casinos that support it.

When it comes to Android casinos, Asus Padfone owners are truly in luck. The award winning All Slots Mobile Casino is on top of the large list of mobile casinos which welcome the Asus Padfone mobile gamers. All Slot Mobile gaming platform is developed by Spin 3 itself, a mobile division of the legendary Microgaming. Mobile gamers can be assured to find only the best mobile casino games here.

Eleven mobile games are available to Android users, among them is the extremely popular Major Millions mobile slot with an enormous progressive jackpot that’s ripe for the picking. Speaking of picking, Apple iPhone users are also welcome at All Slots.

Asus Padfone users will have a tough choice deciding which of the many Android casinos and mobile casino games to choose from which will all work perfectly on the device. So go research after a suitable mobile casino using the Casino Mobile Finder and fully exploit every promising feature of the Asus Padfone smartphone and tablet docking station.

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