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Study Says Australians World Biggest Online, Mobile + Casino Gamblers

May 30, 2011

australians love to bet on sports
Australia # 1

Australians are the king of the hill when it comes to gambling, spending over $1200 each year on casinos, sportsbooks, pokies and everything in between.

Australia, long known to the rest of the world for kangaroos, koalas, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman can today put another notch in its belt.

Australians have been officially declared the most dedicated online, mobile and traditional casino gamblers and sports punters out of all the countries on Earth.

Even the wild tribes of rural Mangolia, who reportedly gamble using their children instead of casino chips, bow down to the Australian prowess.

According to a peer reviewed study commissioned by The Economist, each and every Australian over 16 years of age bet an amazing $1208.75 (€902) in 2010 on a wide variety of games.

Whether it’s online blackjack, pokies, betting on sports, bingo, poker or the results of a close Senate race in Moldavia, you can be sure that someone in Australia is chucking a few dollars on the results.

Strangely, and contrary to both religious and political beliefs, Australia does not lead the world in violent crimes, drug abuse, divorces, spousal abuse and job losses due to gambling.

Australian Senator Xenophon , who will never rest until all adults are in a large padded room with pacifiers, believes gambling to be one of the major roots of all self-destructive behavior (the other being puberty).

So how could it be possible that Australians, who enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world, can both have fun putting money on good blackjack card games and still have all their bills paid on time?

This is a great question that busy bodies like Senator Xenophon, who may have a slight God complex, just don’t want answered. It’s much easier to pass even more restrictive laws in the name of ‘protecting adults from themselves.’

So the next time someone says – ‘You are gambling like an Australian’, take it with pride, because Australians are some of the finest people in the world. And you can bet on that.

#1 – Australia   – $1240 per capita
#2 – Singapore – $1175 per capita***
#3 – Ireland      – $590 per capita
#4 – Canada    – $575 per capita
#5 – Finland     – $560 per capita
#6 – Italy        –  $515 per capita
#7 – Hong Kong – $495 per capita
#8 – Norway    –  $435 per capita
#9 – Greece     –  $420 per capita
#10- Spain      –  $390 per capita
#11- Sweden   –  $380 per capita
#12- Denmark –  $375 per capita
#13- USA        –  $370 per capita
#14- Britain     –  $365 per capita
#15- Japan      –  $360 per capita
*** Statistical Anomaly since most gamblers are tourists

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