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Korean Mobile Casino Games Drive Samsung Galaxy S II to the top

May 31, 2011

Mobile casino games boost Galaxy S II sales
Galaxy S II gaming

Samsung Galaxy S II has been a revolutionary smartphone in many respects including breaking the Korean record for the number of pre-orders placed for a new mobile device.

All previous mobile pre-order records have been shattered by the Samsung Galaxy S II in Korea, the home of the Samsung Corporation. The previous record held by Apple iPhone 4 was not only broken but broken by a wide margin – Koreans so far have ordered twice as many S II smartphones as the iPhone 4. Or as they say in Korea “카지노 도움말 한국 모바일 게임 갤럭시 S II에 등상 삼성 승.”

Steve Jobs, who legends say owned a rare Korean Jindo dog, took the news calmly. Insiders claim that he quickly left after hearing the news to burn incense near the embalmed corpse of Jindo the dog in a mini-mausoleum constructed in the bowels of Apple’s Headquarters.

In the first month since making its appearance in stores, over 1 million Samsung Galaxy S II mobiles have been sold. It took Samsung Galaxy S, the predecessor, 70 days to reach that figure. Experts attribute the record breaking sales to national pride, patriotism and to the amazing features of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Others talk about mobile casino game fans seeing the Samsung smartphone as a superior gaming tool over all competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S II is supported by a great deal of mobile casinos and mobile casino games developers. By using the Casino Mobile Games Finder, Korean mobile gamers can be ensured that the Samsung Galaxy S II is only matched
with those games which have been tested with their mobile device.

Among the best Android casinos that fully support the Samsung Galaxy S II is Spin Palace Mobile Casino which provides eleven mobile games to its members. Spin Palace Mobile Casino is powered by Spin 3 software, a mobile division of the online gaming giant Microgaming. Spin Palace Mobile Casino supports over 1,500 mobile devices, so please make sure to check Casino Mobile Finder for your particular model.

One of the best mobile slots is found at Spin Palace Mobile Casino – the renowned Mega Moolah mobile slot featuring a juicy progressive jackpot. Mega Moolah Mobile Slot has already turned a number of mobile gamers into millionaires and is waiting to make the next lucky player filthy rich. This past Friday, a lucky mobile gamer from the United Kingdom won £18,187.37 playing Mega Moolah mobile slot with his friends at the local pub. (see: Lucky Android Phone Helps Brit Win Jackpot at All Slots Mobile Casino)

Whichever mobile casino game the proud Samsung Galaxy S II owners may select, they can rest assured that all the amazing features of their new smartphone will be fully engaged and will provide them with a one-of-kind mobile gaming experience.

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