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Mobile Gamers Await Surprises at WWDC as iOS 5 Slithers Out of Apple

Jun 2, 2011

Apple to announce iOS 5 at WWDC
iOS 5 coming soon

The mobile world is counting days until Apple’s WWDC on June 6, yet what announcements should we expect from Steve Jobs and the Co?

Technophiles eagerly await the announcement of iOS 5 and its features while hoping for the best. Among the much anticipated improvements are iCloud – the iTunes streaming service; an improved notification system for the new iOS and the always welcomed multitasking system. Multitasking is sure to tempt mobile casinos fanatics, by providing them with the ability to play multiple instances of the same or different mobile casino games.

Whether the iPhone 5 will see the light of day at the conference is not guaranteed. Steve Jobs normally waits until the day prior to the start of the conference before making the proper sacrifices to determine if the day is favorable. Many restless gamers are willing to bet considerable amounts of money on this prediction at one of many mobile casinos.

We are going to have to wait until the keynote speech by Steve Jobs to find out. If Mr. Jobs is his usual self, it is safe to bet the unveiling will commince, yet if he is covered in chicken blood and waving a bloody ceremoneal dagger, perhaps not.

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