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Microsoft to Brand Win8 Tablet PC by End 2012 – Mobile Casino Gamers

Jun 9, 2011

Mobile gamers await Microsoft's Win8 Tablet PC
Win8 Power

Looks like Microsoft will jump into the sandbox of mayhem with Apple iPad 3 or 4 for a no-holds-barred mobile death match.

Heavy rumors are flying around that Microsoft will be making another attempt at dabbling with hardware at the end of 2012.

According to a link in Microsoft’s upstream supply chain, the once mighty PC operating system developer is a complete wreck and can’t live with itself until it crushes Apple and melts down Android. Like a hysterical crack head at the end of a weeklong bender, Microsoft just can’t decide what to do now.

The choices seem simple enough. Either buy Nokia or build your own branded Microsoft mobile tablet PC powered by Win Phone 8, which should be out by the end of next year. The problem here is luck.

Microsoft had horrible luck over the years when flirting with hardware. The X-Box is only product that was successful while Zune media player, Kin smartphone and Microsoft-brand TVs, all crashed and burned. The rumors may indeed confirm that Microsoft does have the minerals to get back up and give hardware another shot.

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The rumors, which are coming out of Taiwan, seem certain that Microsoft will team up with Texas Instruments and Taiwanese original equipment and design manufacturers. The end result will be a quad processor powered mobile tablet to be worshiped as a living golden god.

Microsoft’s plan is to replicate its branding strategy from the success of the Xbox 360 and the wisdom it gained from the failure of the others. That’s the reason for the establishment of its own supply chain and the leak. Microsoft still plans to follow its own individual development plans for the Windows 8 mobile operating system.

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