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Gambler Sued Casino Queen After Robbers Stole $17K Blackjack Winnings

Jun 19, 2011

blackjack robber shoots victim
Gambler Robbed

A Blackjack player who got robbed on the way home is suing the casino for not warning him that he was stalked inside.

A gambler in St. Louis County, Missouri had filed suit this past week against the Casino Queen. The suit alleges that Mark Myers, the plaintiff was gambling at the casino on April 17, 2009.

While playing blackjack card games over the course of five hours, Mr. Myers had an incredible run of cards and won a total of $17,500. He alleges that inside the casino two men were ‘stalking him’ and eventually followed him home, robbed and shot him.

He believes that the East St. Louis casino has multiple improperly written policies which caused him to get shot and robbed. Mark Myers claims that the casino kept serving him an endless stream of strong alcohol despite him having the appearance of being completely intoxicated.

The victim was too drunk to even attempt to use a card counting system or advantage play and his win was attributed to luck. At one point he won 22 hands in a row, lost one hand and won another 12 hands in a row.

As the spectators gathered around the wildly gesticulating, pumped full of action and stone cold drunk blackjack player on a winning streak, two of those spectators were sizing up their mark.

The suit alleges that upon cashing out his winnings, the casino insisted on paying him in cash instead of cutting him out a check. The cashier may have also counted the winnings in plain view of groups of seedy men loitering around the cashier cages.

In essence Mr. Myers believes that counting such a large stack of crisp $100 bills in front of suspicious characters loitering around the casino cages was the equivalent of chumming the waters . In his case, indeed, two predators did answer the call of the wild.

Mark Myers is adamant in his belief that the casino was aware of a large number of ‘follow-home’ armed robberies. He feels the casino should have warned him that on the security tapes it Is quite evident that two burly men continually shadowed him a few feet behind and were on his heels when Mr. Myers decided to head home for the night.

The lucky blackjack winner, who also frequently plays at online casino blackjack at the online casinos which welcome USA gamblers.

That night Mark Myers took a taxi home from the casino, his pockets stuffed with rolls of $100 bills. The predators who followed Mr. Myers inside the casino tailed the taxi all the way to his house. At the time of course, the blackjack winner wasn’t aware he had a ‘tail’ due to being extremely intoxicated.

Police would not release the details of the actual robbery yet the gun shot sustained by the blackjack winner left him unable to work since the day of the incident till the day the suit was filed on June 10, in St. Louis County Circuit Court. Casino Queen has not yet responded to the suit nor wood comment on any upcoming litigation.

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