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Samsung Galaxy S II and WP7 Mango – an Unholy Union of Blasphemy

Jul 5, 2011

Samsung plans WP7 Mango version of Galaxy S II
Mango in a Galaxy

The world can’t get enough of Samsung Galaxy S II and Koreans are looking to capitalize on this fact with a Windows Phone 7 version of the flagship mobile device.

Windows mobile gambling fanatics were spotted dancing around ritual fires and chanting the true name of Bill Gates, a truly rare event. Their prayers have been answered – Samsung boys are contemplating taking their flagship Galaxy S II one step further. The latest rumors suggest that the mobile world can expect a Windows Phone 7 Mango powered Galaxy S II in the near future.

Such a diversification into a completely different OS may prove to be a very smart move indeed on Samsung’s behalf. Previous reports suggested that WP7 Mango could provide better eye candy for fans of mobile casinos and thereby grabbing a larger market share. For more information please read our (Will Win Phone 7.1 Prove Mangos Better than Apples for Mobile Gamers?) article.

The innards of neither the WP7 Mango nor the Galaxy S II have been revealed, yet elementary deduction may just show the real deal. The Super AMOLED Plus screen is bound to be present and the chipset will have to be interchangeable with the Qualcomm Snapdragon. The rest is left to the imagination of Windows mobile casino addicts.

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