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Geeks Battle Nerds Over New Mobile Gaming OS Ranking Report

Jul 6, 2011

comScore's report on US mobile OS market
USA Mobile Games

Latest report from comScore identified Android as the big winner in the battle for mobile OS supremacy in USA.

The mobile OS rankings report was released by comScore using data gathered during three months preceding May 23. The mobile gaming report reveals that Android mobile, is increasing it’s lead over Apple’s iOS popular mobile casinos. Android’s market share increased by 5.1 percent, thereby gaining over thirty eight percent of the total mobile gambling market.

The popularity of iPhone casinos grew by 1.4 percent, primarily at the expense of Blackberry. The battle between the nerds and geeks began over a post on a popular mobile casino review forum saying that ‘Steve Jobs rimmed Blackberry,’ which puns of the name of BlackBerry’s manufacturer – RIM.

Apple currently controls 26.6 percent of the total mobile gaming market, while BlackBerry is at 24.7 percent.

comScore reported rather disappointing news to all Windows mobile gambling enthusiasts. Windows Phone 7 is struggling to catch up and its market share continues to fall. However gambling experts are still optimistic about the upcoming WP7 powered Nokia devices. The long-awaited fruits of mobile partnership are expected to bring Microsoft’s mobile OS out of the darkness once Nokia smartphones with Windows Phone 7 hit the stores this fall.

Mobile gamblers, of the variety that considers pocket protectors and thick glasses to be a fashion statement, continue their debates over which mobile OS is the perfect platform for mobile gaming.

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