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Round 1 of Microsoft vs. Samsung – 800 Angry Lawyers Land in Korea

Jul 7, 2011

Microsoft against Samsung
Samsung Androids

Mobile gamers amazed as Microsoft is pressuring Samsung to pay for infringing its patents in Android OS phones.

Bill Gates saw that Apple has been winning the war of simultaneous number of lawsuits and decided to unleash once more his army of genetically modified lawyers. After looking around for a worthy target for his $1000/hour Harvard trained pit bulls, he’s decided that Samsung could pay up for using Microsoft’s patents in its Android based smartphones, which are extremely popular among fans of Android casinos.

Gates’ boys want Samsung to pitch in $15 for every Android mobile phone sold. Mobile casino games enthusiasts don’t have to be Einsteins to calculate the extent of Microsoft’s demands. Looking only at Samsung’s current flagship – Galaxy S II, which recently crossed the 3 million units sold mark (New Records Smashed As Mobile Gamers Snap Up Samsung Galaxy S2), Microsoft could be in for a big pay day.

HTC was the first victim of hungry for cash Microsoft and agreed to pay $5 for each Android powered phone. Sources close to Samsung stipulate that the company will try to negotiate a lower fee and offer some kind of mutually beneficial partnership with Microsoft.

Microsoft’s lawyers boast a well-thought out case and claim that the truth is on their side. However the details of infringement are clearly not causing problems to the faithful horde of mobile casino regulars. Android casinos are found in abundance and mobile gamers are welcome to use Casino Mobile Finder to find the casino of their choice.

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