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Odds Against Barak Obama 2012 Election Win at Online Mobile Casinos

Aug 5, 2011

online mobile casinos bet against Obama 2012
Flames of Change

Some of the top odds makers at leading online mobile casinos are now officially gambling against President Barak Obama winning the 2012 US re-election.

History scholars tell us that Emperor Nero was enjoying a lavish party with singing, dances and loud music to drown out the desperate screams of his subject as the city of Rome burned around his palace.

President Obama is no Nero, yet to throw what his spokesperson describes as ‘a small private event for friends’ while the stock market plunged 500+ points, decimating all gains for the year, is surprising to even some hardcore Obama supporters.

While the global media was too busy overloading news servers with thousands of stories about the Planet of the Apes movie and such poignant pieces as Tom Hanks’ boyish charm and youthful appearance at Obama’s carnival (maybe he can help Obama with the graying hair), the bookmakers at online mobile casinos throughout the world were busy calculating odds.

A rapid rise in the number and size of bets placed against President Barak Hussein Obama winning the 2012 US Presidential Election has finally reached the critical level requiring an adjustment of the odds.

The difference between play in casino and online requires a faster readjustment of the odds according to Mr. Greg Gutsko, a former online USA casino real money games analyst.

The main stream media has unfairly stereotyped both traditional and online mobile casino bookmakers as sleazy, thuggish ogres with heavy Brooklyn accents. In fact, most top odds makers are among the brightest individuals and sharpest analysts with multiple mathematics and statistics degrees from MIT and Call Tech whose only weakness is a love of Viktoria’s Gourmet Foods (which has always been in Long Island and not Brooklyn).

According to casino gambling online news, after a careful analysis by the brightest minds of the online gambling industry, the official word is that unless Osama bin Laden had an evil twin brother to capture within the next 14 or so months, Obama will lose the election against virtually any contender.

Today the Newsmax poll of 90,000 respondents showed that 27% would vote to re-elect Obama while 69% would support another candidate. Obama’s spokesperson said that the president is hard at work consulting with his top advisors (the same ones).

President Obama would have been better off consulting with his close and personal friends attending the party – comedian Chris Rock, music mogul Jay Z, football legend Emmitt Smith, basketball great Charles Barkley, and comedian Whoopi Goldberg.

The online mobile casino bookmakers would happily give President Obama some much better advice than ‘staunch ally’ House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. According to reports from the party, Rep. Pelosi allegedly danced “with more rhythm than any New York street dancer” to the progressive dance beats described by another Obama’s friend as just “like at a Bar Mitzvah.” No reports have yet arrived if Disco Inferno was played.

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

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