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Online Casinos Turns People to Online Gambling New Study Says

Aug 8, 2011

new online gambling study
Problem Gamblers

A new study reveals that online casinos are directly responsible for introducing people to online gambling.

A newly released study demonstrates that the availability of online casinos has a direct impact on the number of people participating in online gambling.

The university study also found a correlation between the likelihood of a person becoming a problem gambler and the distance they live from a casino.

According to casino gambling news, the study shows that problem gamblers have a much harder time recovering as casinos in the United States have started to expand away from gambling meccas of Las Vegas and Atlantic City into practically every state of the union.

However addiction experts acknowledge that the responsibility to control one’s own behavior rests with the individual and not with government enforced prohibition on traditional and online gambling.

“It’s dependent upon the individual, and how serious they are about making the changes they need to make in their lives to abstain,” said Steven Hart, president of the Illinois Council on Problem Gambling.

While Mr. Hart, a recovering gambler himself, speaks on behalf of the problem gambling segment of the community, his organization refuses to take an adverse stance on expansion of traditional and the proposed regulation of online casino blackjack gambling in the United States.

Mr. Hart believes that the former prohibition against alcohol in the United States created powerful organized crime groups and the current prohibition against the use of narcotics has made America into a battle ground of ruthless cartels.

He sees that any prohibition against online gambling will result in criminalizing a vast segment of the American population who enjoy online gambling while having zero effect in reducing the number of problem gamblers.

Millions of recovering alcoholics must now live in a world filled with bars, clubs, restaurants and liquor stores on practically every corner, so must a problem gambler learn to survive in a new world of casinos, gambling parlors and online bingo, poker rooms and casinos.

Just as for some recovering alcoholics, it is difficult to live on top of bars and taverns, listening to the joyous banter from just a few feet below, where men and women enjoy themselves while sipping the forbidden nectar, so must a problem gambler survive in a world where casino online bonuses are just a few clicks away on any internet connected computer.

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