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Red Scorpions Crime Boss Murdered Outside Canadian Casino

Aug 16, 2011

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Jonathan Bacon, the boss of the Red Scorpions organized crime group was murdered after exiting a Canadian casino blackjack tables.

Jonathan Bacon, 30 year old, was assassinated in a hail of machine gun fire which littered his white Porsche SUV outside the Delta Grand Okanagan Casino in Kelowna, B.C., Canada.

Bacon just left the casino with four other men, including a high ranking member of the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle club who was wounded in the shooting.

According to casino gambling news, the five men got into the SUV when a second SUV suddenly pulled up alongside and what witness describe as a hail of automatic gunfire erupted, all aimed at the Red Scorpions Boss.

Jonathan Bacon was pronounced dead at the scene, one man from inside the shot up SUV escaped before police arrived, while three remained on the scene including the injured fully patched member of Hells Angels.

A burned-out SUV which matches the description of the one used by the assassins was found smoldering a few hours after the shooting.

Mr. Bacon, 30, the oldest of three well known Bacon brothers control the Red Scorpions gang, which is described by gang experts as heavily involved in murder for hire, drug dealing and identity theft.

The victim’s younger brother, Jamie Bacon, is currently on trial for first degree murder after allegedly killing four members of the United Nations gang, including two bystanders.

“It’s not going to blow over. Given who was targeted, and given the size of the Red Scorpions and their crew, combined with the fact it was a full-patch member of the Hells Angels, who got hit.”

“To not respond means that they are weak. There has to be an equal or larger use of force to demonstrate that we still have capacity, we still have power,” says Mr. Chettleburgh an author and gang expert.

The Red Scorpions made their mark on the Canadian landscape for over a decade, and originated with a group of Vietnamese youth. The Bacons were former United Nations members, Mr. Chettleburgh said, before the brothers split to form Red Scorpions.

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