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Disabled Gambler Goes on a Casino Rampage with Motorized Wheelchair

Aug 24, 2011

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According to casino gambling news, a handicapped gambler went on an alcohol fueled rampage inside the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Southeastern Connecticut in the United States, terrorizing guests and causing property damage.

The disabled individual and his wife visited Foxwoods and wound up leaving after paying close to a thousand dollars in fines for destruction of casino property by use of a motorized wheelchair.

Such unfortunate incidents are almost unknown in the rest of the free world where online blackjack is regulated and permitted for adults.

The differences between the stories of the casino and the disabled man regarding what exactly happened within Foxwoods are a world apart. From what eyewitnesses claimed, this is a compromised version of the events.

The disabled man rented a motorized wheelchair from Foxwoods and at some point went on a rampage, using the heavy scooter (motorized wheelchair) as a battering ram at the MGM hotel.

A witness to the event stated that – “This guy just went nuts and started playing bumper cars with people and walls.” The couple explain that the man was trying to “maneuver in a tight area” when he accidentally damaged casino property.

The casino detained the couple who voluntarily paid almost $900 in damages and upon exiting the casino, immediately contacted the press to “inform the world that Foxwoods is insensitive to the handicapped.”

It seems that despite the disabled man first signing a contract which made him liable for all property damage caused by the motorized wheelchair, and the fact that the man admitted to causing the damage, the couple blame the entire incident on Foxwoods.

“The casino supervisor’s attitude was very angry and unprofessional. She made us feel like we were criminals,” stated the handicapped man’s wife.

As of press time there has been no apologies from Foxwoods.

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