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iPhone 5 Apple Release Date Revealed by an Orange

Sep 15, 2011

Orange CEO announced iPhone 5 release date
iPhone 5 date

Yet another unofficial confirmation on the iPhone 5 launch has surfaced, this time it was the CEO of Orange network, who spoke up.

The release date for the long awaited Apple has been revealed by Orange CEO. We can state that managers of major mobile networks such as Orange usually get their information directly from the manufacturer. Fans of mobile casinos are safe to suppose that this rumor is the real thing.

Stephane Richard, the CEO who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, also said the network will offer iPhone 5 in special packages. But this usually is the case with such highly popular devices. Regulars of iPhone casinos will soon be able to see if this particular rumor is true.

Another chit-chat about the latest Apple product comes from O2 customer service center, thus it’s less likely to be true. According to the service center employees French gamers will be able to enjoy mobile casino games on iPhone 5 before their colleagues in United Kingdom.

If we are to believe the October 15 release date, we should be expecting an announcement of a major Apple event to be held by the end of September. Another rumor gives full support to this theory: iOS 5 is expected by many to receive its Gold Master release on September 23.

Until the magic day comes, when iPhone casinos will open their doors to iPhone 5, we suggest all mobile gamers to practice their skills at one of many mobile casinos. To select the best one for their current smartphones, mobile gamers can use our free tool – Casino Mobile Finder, which will match a compatible mobile casino to the gamer’s phone in a matter of seconds.

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