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Blackjack game show gives out big money

Dec 14, 2009

A Newport Beach resident, Scott Hostetler, has just made a whopping $26,000 before taxes on a game show titled “Catch 21” which is based on the casino favorite, blackjack. In the first 3 rounds of the show, Hostetler had managed to scrape together a total of $1,000. By the end of a bonus round he had already won an extra $5,000.

Hostetler found himself in a situation similar to many across the world when it comes to blackjack. For the grand prize he needed a 10 or a face card from the dealer. The suspense was killing him when the show’s co-hostess cried out that his card was a jack. Hostetler was going home with a jaw-dropping sum of $26,000, guaranteed.

According to Hostetler, he had been up the night before his appearance at the game show with a deck of cards, practicing basic blackjack strategy for hours. Had he been an internet gambler, this process of practicing would have been much easier to accomplish.

Blackjack players who are members at internet gambling sites like Omni Casino can play blackjack for absolutely free. What this means is that players can practice and hone their skills, or even try out new risky moves that they’ve been curious about.

Hostetler probably could’ve gotten a lot more constructive and organized practice in while anticipating his game show appearance had he practiced online.

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