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iPhone 5 Cover Photos Spark Rumors about the Looks of the Device

Oct 3, 2011

Alleged iPhone 5 covers
iPhone 5 covers

The next big Apple event in Cupertino starts in just a few hours, and mobile gamers managed to dig up new proof of iPhone 5 existence.

A few days ago fans of mobile casinos spotted several cases for iPhone 5 in AT&T’s inventory database, some deemed it a hoax, but later pictures of those cases were shared with the wide internet public. This can only support the fact that iPhone 5 will indeed be announced on October 4.

Allegedly a regular of iPhone casinos dressed in AT&T shop assistant uniform shared the pictures of the cases with the world. The photos depict previously leaked collection of Case-Mate case for the iPhone 5.

Looking at the cases we can stipulate that the new Apple device will be thinner than the current iPhone 4, and also thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus Black. The new Apple wonder phone will be just as thin as the iPad 2 and will also feature the same design as the tablet, particularly the same tapered edges.

Naturally all these stipulations are based on rumors, as nothing has been yet officially confirmed. However the big event is drawing nearer with every hour and mobile casino games fanatics are growing impatient discussing the possible features of the new iPhone on mobile casino forums.

Keep it cool folks, the announcement is coming. Read more in our (Poisonous Rumors Put iPhone 5 Release Date on Unlucky October 4) article.

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