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Mobile Gamers Order iPhone5 To Cheat on Sprint Release Date

Oct 4, 2011

iPhone 5 will only be available at Sprint
iPhone 5 at Sprint

The latest chit-chat on the beloved topic of all iPhone casinos fans centers around where the new Apple smartphone will be sold.

A number of mobile casinos regulars were scared by the suggestion that the new iPhone will be exclusively available by Sprint Wireless in the United States.

Sprint, whose company motto is ‘The slower you go, the further you get’ is not helping the situation much, but according to Sisi Mendelstein, a notable Sprint Historian, the phrase dates back to 19th century when donkeys which carried messages often died from over exertion.

The same source suggested that Sprint will get the iPhone 5 together with WiMax, and the carrier’s competitors will have to settle for the upgraded iPhone 4S. Other rumors claim that iPhone 5 is supposed to be an HSPA+ device.

What Sprint could’ve paid for such a deal? Well, fans of iPhone casinos have a figure to peruse – $20 billion. The same source suggests this is how much Sprint is going to spend on iPhones over the next 4 years, if we count in iPhone terms – it roughly equals to 30 million devices.

According to the source Sprint isn’t supposed to profit from the agreement until 2014. A clever fan of mobile casino games put it in plain words: the wireless provider has bet its entire future on the Apple smartphone.

US market has four wireless networks, yet only Sprint offers its customers unlimited data. iPhone 5 will certainly be a nice addition to the carrier’s offerings. Sprint isn’t enjoying the best of times as it has posted fifteen consecutive quarterly losses. This latest deal with Apple is supposed to be a real luck turner for the carrier.

In any case all will be revealed today, when Apple execs take the stage. Until then stay tuned for more news and happy spinning at mobile slots.

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