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Great Blue Online Slot Very Lucky at Windows Casino in 2011

Oct 6, 2011

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This year had been very kind to online gamblers at the very popular Windows Casino where the online video slots have been paying out five and six figure jackpots this year.

Unlike many online casinos that primarily deal with progressive slot networks but have low level regular jackpots, Windows Casino balances out their offering which creates more winners each year.

Even though each win playing the Great Blue video slot is not in the millions, it’s quite satisfying coming out a winner.

It’s much better gambling at an online casino which has 3-5 winners each year from each slot machine of over $100,000 than playing where one super lucky player hits $5,000,000 once every few years.

The Great Blue video slot at Windows Casino has been hitting especially well over the past few months. Great Blue is a 5 reel, 25 payline online video slot with an aquatic theme and a relaxing atmosphere enriched with state of the art graphics and hi-fi audio.

But who cares, even if it has ugly graphics and beeps once or twice, its hot and paying well. Personally I prefer Windows Casino online blackjack games, but lately was spending more and more time on their lucky slots as well.

So far on August 4th Great Blue paid out €89,446.00, on August 17th, the machine paid out €195,992.00 and now on September 29th the video jackpot hit for € 207,116.00.

At this rate, numerologists predict that in the next 45 days the Great Blue should hit again at Windows Casino. Good luck to all you Great Blue players on your hunt to become the next big winner!

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