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Two Craps Gamblers Arrested for Cheating $750K at Vegas Casino

Oct 12, 2011

craps cheaters caught
Dice Sliding

Two craps players, Leonardo F. and Veronica D. who are both Argentine nationals and regulars at Wynn Las Vegas Casinos have been arrested after casino security discovered a month long pattern of cheating at the craps casino dice game which netted the pair $750,000.

Wynn Casino security began the investigation when one of the accused craps cheaters won $145,000 on July 17. After reviewing the security footage, it was discovered that allegedly the gambler won the majority of the money on seven throws of the dice which were, according to Wynn security, ‘dice slides.’

According to, casino gambling news, when dice are normally thrown in the game of craps, the dice have to tumble, hit the opposite wall of the craps table, and ricochet back. The seven throws, the casino alleges, were made using an advanced technique whereby one of the dice slides (instead of tumbling) across the craps table while the second die tumbles and ricochets.

The sliding dice is held with the number six (which pays out 30 to 1) in the hopes that the other dice settles on six as well. Since the chances of that are 1 in 6 and the payout is 30 to 1, the gambler gains a huge advantage over the casino.

For the technique to work the cheater must be a true professional with thousands of hours of practice. To lessen the chances of the casino craps croupier or pit boss detecting dice sliding, accomplices were on hand to both distract the casino employees as well as to place the oversized bets.

The gambler who was throwing the dice allegedly did not change the betting patterns, relying on signals to accomplices to place the bets during the times that ‘dice sliding’ was used.

Gambling experts claim that dice sliding is an extremely complex maneuver and only the most skilled of cheaters can perfect the maneuver with any consistency.

Yet those that can will gain a significant edge over the casino but cases are few and this reporter has never seen another case of dice sliding where the cheaters were able to consistently win for a month in a row, and win such a large sum at that.

The casino security tapes, though not released to the public, needs to clearly show concrete proof of dice sliding, along with any actions committed by alleged accomplices for a jury to be convinced that cheating took place.

Veronica D. has been released after two days in the county jail and Mr. Leonardo F. has been in the custody of the Custom Enforcement Service since July 25, though his location within the Federal system is currently unknown. The casino has filed a civil suit to recover the $700,000.

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