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Nokia 800 Release Date Fuels Passions of Mobile Gamers in Love

Oct 13, 2011

Nokia 800 ad poster
Nokia 800 gaming

Indian mobile gamers were lucky enough to dig out more proof that Nokia 800, the first Windows Phone powered Nokia, will indeed be announced at Nokia World at the end of this month.

A leaked advertisement poster is the source of proof that naughty things are happening in the mobile gaming world and nokia 800 is responsible for love struck gamers. Not the mobile itself, but the attractive female used in the promotional campaign has been a hit as the following poster describes.

The poster is clearly advertising the availability of Nokia 800, the Windows Phone 7 Mango powered phone, through Airtel carrier. Mobile casinos fans couldn’t wish for a better confirmation of the upcoming announcement.

Nokia 800 will have similar design with the Nokia N9, except for the three new keys that have replaced the bottom part of the display. The upcoming smartphone already had a few codenames including Nokia Sun and Sea Ray, read more in our (Windows Phone 7 Mango Release Date Discussed by Mobile Gamers) article.

No way to confirm the specifications of the Nokia 800, but many rumors have already painted a pretty clear picture in the minds of Nokia casinos regulars. The new phone will get a 3.7 AMOLED screen with WVGA resolution, 1.4GHz CPU and a plastic body.

Unfortunately mobile casino games enthusiasts in India won’t be among the first ones to lay their hands on the new phone, they will have to wait until Q1 2012. Only two weeks left until the Nokia World event, where everything should be clearly presented. Until then, stay lucky at mobile casinos!

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