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Mobile iPad Casino Gamblers Dominate Mobile Casinos Online

Oct 13, 2011

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iPad Gamblers

August comScore numbers show that mobile iPad casino gamblers outnumber all other tablet players at every mobile casinos online.

The numbers are out from August, and the iPad has clearly remained the king of tablets in the exciting world of mobile casinos online.

The folks at comScore, a reliable web analytics firm, have released their August Device Essentials Report which shows that 97.2% of all web traffic coming from tablets belongs to the users of the iPad.

iPad Casinos went all out to ensure that their libraries of mobile casino games take full advantage of iPad’s amazing graphic and audio capabilities.

iPad mobile gambling offers players the best of both worlds, the ‘on the go’ ability of smartphones and the screen size and audio capabilities of the desktop.

Not only has the iPad dominated the tablets category, it even pushed it little brother, the iPhone out of the way, to take the overall lead in the Apple iOS mobile family of devices. The report shows that 46.8% of all iOS web traffic is coming from the iPad and iPad2 mobile devices, 42.6% is coming from iPhones

Besides those fantastic figures, mobile casinos are seeing an increase in the overall number of new players. During August 6.8% of web traffic originated from both smart phones and tablets. A third of that number account for tablets whiles the rest from mobile phones.

Today Apple still is holding its ground with 58.5% of the market share of digital traffic. Android is in second place with 31.9%, RIM (Blackberry) at 5% and the remainder is split between other mobile platforms.

Ipad Mobile Casinos Online

The good news for mobile casinos is that tablets are the king of the hill when it comes down to the type of individuals who own those expensive devices.

Almost half were in households which earned more than $100K per year, 54.7% were men, and a third were 25-34 years of age. Half of the owners made a purchase using their iPad and half use the social bookmarking sites.

The current estimate is that 116 million Americans use web enabled mobile phones and enjoying top quality mobile casino games at reputable mobile casinos online.

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