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Blackjack Card Games Inside Swimming Pool Latest Casino Trend

Oct 23, 2011

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The latest casino trend is adding blackjack card games to their hotel swimming pool so gamblers can play while in the water.

Casinos have always looked for the best possible locations to place each of their offerings and the latest casino trend today is adding blackjack card games inside the swimming pool.

As we’ve reported a few months back, (Poolside Blackjack Games at Las Vegas Caesar Palace Casino are a Hit) Caesar’s in Las Vegas caught the ‘blackjack tables in the swimming pool’ trend.

According to casino gambling news, Harrah’s Resorts Casino in sunny Atlantic City decided to join the pool party. Since both properties are owned by the same parent company, it’s fair to say that the experiment turned out to be a success with recreational blackjack players enjoying their time in the pool while playing a few hands of blackjack.

A few days after the state regulators allowed Tropicana Casino to insert slots in their shopping center, Harrah’s Resorts has decided to ask regulators for permission to add blackjack tables inside their swimming pool (which is luckily dome covered, since February in New Jersey is not the month for outdoor water sports).

The popular blackjack casino table game may just do the trick and boost interest in the pool area and entertainment complex, transforming the area into a new gambling attraction.

“There are at least five casinos in Vegas that have blackjack by the pool. I think we should get our learnings’ on from there and use it here to make things more unique,” said Don Marrandino, the president of the Harrah’s Resort, Showboat, Caesars, and Bally’s Atlantic City casinos (which are all owned by Caesars Entertainment).

The decision is now in the hands of the almighty New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, which has absolute regulatory power of every aspect of casinos gambling in Atlantic City.

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