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Nokia World Is Expected to Name the Windows Phone Nokia Release Date

Oct 25, 2011

First Windows Phone Nokia
Mango Nokia

Nokia World event is scheduled to kick off in London on October 26 and the first Windows Phone powered Nokia device is to be officially unveiled there.

Nokia 800 Sun seems to be the most probable name for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Mango smartphone from Nokia. Previously dubbed Sea Ray and Searay, the first Windows Phone Nokia will see the light of day tomorrow and is expected to cause a few happy screams from the fans of mobile casinos.

We have already written on various rumors surrounding the Nokia 800 Sun, read more in our (Nokia 800 Release Date Fuels Passions of Mobile Gamers in Love) article. Tomorrow all rumors will be shattered and the real thing will come out of hiding. Surely Windows mobile gambling will never be the same with the launch of the new smartphone.

The official photos and teaser ads are already circling the media and regulars of Windows mobile casinos deducted that the device looks very similar to the MeeGo powered N9, but has a smaller screen and three feedback buttons.

Mobile gaming experts also expect Nokia 703 and 710 to appear during the event, and some even say that Windows Phone Mango powered Nokia Sabre and Ace will also make an appearance. Let’s wait until Wednesday and see what the Finns have in store for us. Until then we suggest mobile gamers to brush up on their Windows mobile gaming skills at various compatible mobile casinos.

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