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Young German Wins World Series of Poker Prize of $8.7 Million

Nov 9, 2011

2011 wsop winner
WSOP 2011

According to casino gambling news, Pius Heinze , a 22 year old German living in Cologne, overcame 6685 professional and amateur poker players  to become the 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event Winner.

This year the WSOP Main Event had some fine competitors, despite the damage that President Obama’s DOJ has done to online poker in America, over six and  half thousand players from around the world put up the $10,000 entry fee for a chance of becoming the world champion. The $8,715,638 dollar prize remained a good motivator as well as the coveted championship gold bracelet.

Pius, who had little professional experience playing the traditional version of the game, had always preferred the action and excitement of online poker, which after seeing his age comes as no surprise. Yet the young man outlasted thousands of seasoned players over a grueling 12 day schedule of sometimes 18 hours of poker per day to win the first place prize..

Before the start of the final showdown between the last 3 players left standing, the future champ told a reporter – “I’m pretty relaxed about the game. There are a lot of tough players left but I’m confident I can win it.

Proving to be a clever negotiator and a shrewd business man, Pius only accepted a sponsorship deal with the mega-online poker room – PokerStars at the very last moment before the beginning of the final 3 action, ensuring that his pro sponsorship has pound for pound more incentives and rewards than others who signed up earlier. At the current rate of progress Americans may see licensed, regulated and taxed American online casino real money games in 2013.

The fact that the winner is an EU citizen, has a much higher marketing potential for sponsors which would not have been as lucrative had the winner been an American or a resident of a handful of totalitarian countries around the world which are fanatically against any form of online casino gaming.

“I hereby proudly announce that I am the 2011 World Champion of Poker!! I did it for Germany,” shouted Heinze to be overheard above the roar of fans and the din coming from hundreds of encamped international reporters. Pius Heinz not only becomes the first German to win the World Series of Poker.

Pius was crowned the champi0on of the world’s biggest and most prestigious award after his single remaining opponent (who won $5.43 million second place consolation prize) went ‘all in’ and was called by Heinz, who held an Ace of Spades and a King of Clubs. The AK held up and the rest is history.

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