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Microgaming Powered Mobile Android Casinos Upgraded with Adobe Air

Nov 11, 2011

Android Air microgaming casinos
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Microgaming powered mobile Android casinos just got a shot of pure steroids, when the mobile casino software developer infused them with the infinite power of the Adobe Air graphics platform.

The mobile casino games industry has been growing at never before seen rates, becoming the fastest growing subsector in the mobile industry. This unprecedented growth led to a worldwide shortage of Android developers since with the Android and iPhone open marketplaces, developers are able to create and market their apps directly to the consumer, bypassing the corporate middleman.

Microgaming use of Android Air, an Android casino platform based on Adobe technology, is likely to revolutionize the way that mobile casino games are developed for the Android tablet and smartphone mobile operating system. This will lead to faster development time for mobile casino games and allow for a wider range of Android slots, roulette, blackjack and other popular mobile games of chance

Adobe, known for Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash – the leading graphic industry software, has also released the Adobe Air, a component based platform capable of allowing developers to quickly create robust, graphics rich apps for the Android OS as well as personal computers at unprecedented speeds.

Android Casinos will initially offer a mobile casino game library of the top eight most popular Microgaming online casino titles which already have a wide audience in the online gaming market.

Microgaming stated in their press releases that by the end of 2011, its entire Android casino games library of over 20 games will be ported to the Android Air platform.

Besides vivid graphics, seamless animation, and unsurpassed digital sound, Microgaming Android casinos games will update via WiFi, in addition to the 3G standard, which will benefit those mobile casino gamblers which lack 3G-coverage allowing for wider market penetration.

The new Android casino games will come with an easy to navigate user interface, with instant access to the mobile casino’s main casino lobby as well as the latest banking and mobile casino bonus features.

Mr. Neill Whyte, Microgaming’s Head of Product Channels stated that “Android casinos has been a key part of Microgaming’s strategy for the past few years and we already enjoy a strong market share with our existing suite of products.”

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