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Vegas Casino Whales Want Intrastate Online Poker Laws in America

Nov 15, 2011

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Nevada Gaming Board chairman Lipparelli is confident that intrastate online poker in Nevada may be legalized in 2012 with legal gambling in United States soon to follow.

Mark Lipparelli, the powerful head of the Nevada Gambling Board (NGB), has recently commented that there is little difference between play in casino and online and continued to discuss the current online poker situation.

Mr. Lipparelli told casino gambling news that he is ready to issue America’s first intrastate online poker licenses as early as Q1 of 2012. The one thing that’s holding him and the rest of the Board back is the recently passed Nevada online poker legislation, which will only take affect after Washington legalizes and regulates online poker at the federal level.

Mr. Lipparelli’s statement came as the US Online Gaming Law party was held for the legal whales at the Las Vegas aquarium. The NGB boss is alleged to have told the participants that the Board plans to begin accepting applications from potential intrastate operators of online poker sites in United States in February of 2012.

Intrastate online poker in Las Vegas

Mr. Lipparelli also said that the NGB is ready to dig deep into the past of all applicants to ensure that all the probity investigations are carried out thoroughly but quickly. Probity is seen as a crucial step in the vetting process of potential online poker license holders to ensure that only the most moral and upstanding of Vegas gambling bosses, Reno brothel operators and concubines will be able to survive the licensing process.

In practical terms, this will mean that operators who are familiar to the NGB will be licensed faster than those from outside the state or overseas. The new kids on the block will naturally have to wait their turn unless as the Chinese say ‘fragrant grease is applied’ – and not the kind of grease ordered by the metric ton by licensed and regulated transgender sex workers of Nevada

After the licensing process is complete, the Board sees no additional obstacles preventing operators from offering intrastate online poker games in the US state of Nevada in a similar manner that regulated Nevada brothel owners and street walkers offer their services (with the exception of Vegas).

However, Lipparelli was quick to reiterate that online poker operations will be initially limited to within Nevada state borders until Washington enacts the American gambling laws to regulate online poker.

The Humor of Online Poker

The license requirements are expected to be tough. The regulator stated repeatedly that the Board has taken its land-based casino licensing model and applied it scrupulously to the online poker licensing.

This along with probity, player protection and the latest technological advances will ensure that this time no Mafia syndicate bosses, Cartel oligarchs, or Gangland kingpins will accidently receive gambling licenses and control the entire state as was the case between 1940’s till the end of the 1980’s (and part of 90s).

By December 2011, the Nevada Gaming Board expects that its intrastate online poker regulations will receive a customary nod of approval from the state Legislature, and then it will patiently wait for the powers in Washington to decide the fate of online poker in the United States.

“We think we’ve set the bar high for licensing and suitability,” Lipparelli proclaimed to a round of applause at the Vegas aquarium jamboree for the newly acquired legal whales.

The adoring crowd of boisterous coked-up crowd of Hollywood moguls, drunk casino executives, strippers, gold toothed Nigerians, pimps, some local cowboys, prostitutes, twitchy Mexicans, lady-boys, solemn Sicilians, and groups of tattooed shaved heads Eastern European men wearing the latest from the Adidas Fall Collection swilled vodka from open bottles looked forward to whatever Lipparelli was talking about. The legal whales just watched in silence.

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