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Blackjack Online – Risks of Real Money Games at Internet Casinos

Nov 20, 2011

Blackjack online risks of real money games
Risk vs. Reward

Playing blackjack online is just as safe as playing at a traditional brick-and-mortar casino and perhaps even safer.

Would you be all that surprised reading that a blackjack player got robbed in an illegal casino located in the worst part of the city – in the basement of a crack house and is operated by a violent street gang?

No. You would probably be surprised he is still alive and marvel at the stupidity. Most likely you would think that the gambler should have known better than to risk playing there in the first place and he deserves what he got.

If you don’t want to risk being a victim of fraud at a blackjack online real money game, then don’t register, download or gamble online with deranged hackers, hustlers, gangsters or separatists.

Unlike a gambling den in the basement of a drug house in the worst area of town, it’s impossible to distinguish a reputable blackjack online game from one that’s operated by the Russian mafia just by looking at the internet casino website.

Blackjack online casinos

Players frequently assume that if the design of the graphics is professional and the animations are flawless, than that means that the blackjack online game must be legitimate also. Wrong.

A 12 year old son of a terrorist can copy the look of a legitimate online casino and change the brand in no time. You could be playing blackjack at Jihad Online Casino, where getting caught counting cards is guaranteed to be frowned upon (which by than will be the least of your worries).

There is no reason to risk becoming a victim of fraud, especially when there are so many free, easily accessible tools available to blackjack online players

Solutions for blackjack players

Before playing blackjack online for real money at any internet casinos, make sure you know who owns, operates, licenses, audits, and provides their random number generator as well as the gaming software. Make sure to check the blackjack online blacklist and search on Google to read what their players have written.

We recommend the following blackjack online casinos for USA players as well as. We only recommend the blackjack games where we played offered at reputable and reliable establishments with a long proven track record and a clean bill of health. Happy counting!

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